Remembering Nepal

Photography Exhibition of Andrzej Wisniewski, with the objective to raise funds for a charity organisation rebuilding lives in a small village near Kathmandu.


It was almost a year since the disaster struck. On April 25, 2015, the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude killed 9.000 people. Then the 7.3 magnitude aftershock on May 12 wiped out whatever was left standing. An unimaginable disaster for Nepal – a place we visited only just two months before the first earthquake. Sites we walked through turned into rubble. Half a million people were displaced from their homes. Barely functioning infrastructure was completely destroyed.

We do remember, however, the warmth of the people we met, the beautiful Himalayas we trekked or that spellbinding mood around the main Kathmandu stupa. There are photographs telling these stories, and we wanted people to see them.


During this exhibition, we displayed almost 50 photographs taken during the trip. We presented a trek in the Himalayas, watched the Tibetan new year’s festival Losar, walked down the streets of Kathmandu and circled the enchanting Boudhanath stupa.

The exhibition was officially opened by Mr Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz, the Ambassador representing the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Singapore.

The soundtrack for the event was delivered by BeatNaut Automata, who willed fill the place with mantra, shanti and ambient vibes. The good folks at Kiosk Singapore also donated the portion of their profit from the night to the cause.


Our objective was to help people of Nepal who are still struggling with returning to normal life. All the displayed works were for sale, and all the profits were handed over to a charity organisation in Nepal.

“Little Poland in Nepal” Mała Polska w Nepalu is a charity organisation we partnered with. They help with rebuilding Dumre village, Nuwakot district, Sunkhani region – about 29 km from Kathmandu. The village was completely destroyed, over a dozen of houses and one school need to be rebuild from scratch. You can see their progress and plans for the future at http://malapolskawnepalu.org/


Thanks to the great generosity of our audience we made a sale of 41 prints, at a total of S$4.390. The good folks at Kiosk Singapore also donated additional S$500 from their night’s profit. The amount, less the cost of prints, was in its entirety donated to Mała Polska w Nepalu.

Thanks again for all your support, you rock guys!